Production Data
13 x 100'
2012 September
Time slot
Produced by
Boomerang TV
Rights holder
Talpa Media
Talpa Media
- Ondas Award 2012 for the Best Entertainment Programme
- Special Award of The TV Academy, 2013
- 'Numbers 1' Award of Cadena 100, 2013
Original title
The Voice
"The Voice" is the Spanish adaptation of the successful Dutch format "The Voice", a talent show with major international success that has become one of the most popular programmes in the current audiovisual scenario. Boomerang TV produces the Spanish adaptation of this format by Talpa, broadcast by Telecinco and helmed by Jesús Vázquez. The artists that make up the team of coaches are: David Bisbal, Malú, Rosario Flores and Melendi.

The program produced by Boomerang TV and broadcast by Telecinco has beaten all audience records and has become a genuine social phenomenon. The premiere obtained the best figures for an entertainment format since June 2005 and, in subsequent weeks, it has surpassed these figures. Apart from its audience success, the programme has also had major impact on social networks: "The Voice" has been a top worldwide trending topic in the month of September and has become the most-commented television programme on social networks in Europe so far this year.

In "The Voice", the coaches begin by selecting candidates on the basis of just the contestants' voices. The auditions are blind and the coaches cannot see the contestants' physical appearance. Also, David Bisbal, Malú, Rosario Flores and Melendi with each other to keep the best candidates, in the hope of discovering Spain's next great voice.

During these "Blind Auditions", if the coach is impressed, he or she must press a button to select the artist for their team (they will have to select 14 in total). At this point, the coach's chair will turn round, so that they can face the artists they have chosen. If more than one coach selects the same artist, the choice goes to the artist, who can choose the coach they prefer to work with. An artist is eliminated when they are not chosen by any of the four coaches.

Once the teams are made up, the stage of "The Battles" begins. The coaches work on developing and improving their singers, giving them advice and sharing the secrets of their success. During the round of "The Battles", the coaches will analyse performances by members of their own team, who will sing duets and compete in pairs, singing the same song, together and in front of the audience. At this stage, each coach will have 14 contestants who will sing 7 duets. In this stage, the coaches have the collaboration of major artists who help to make a dream team, in charge of helping the contestants prepare for their duets. The coaches' four advisers on "The Voice" in this stage are: Tiziano Ferro (Melendi), Luis Fonsi (Bisbal), Nek (Malú) and Antonio Carmona (Rosario). They will help the coaches to prepare the artists and select the ones that pass on to the live galas, the programme's last stage.

After the vocal face-off, coaches must choose which of the two candidates who have performed the same song pass on to the following round. At the end of "The Battles", only the best members in the each coach's teams will remain and continue to the programme's final stage, with live performances.
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